Welcome to Prairie Literacy! I created this space to try and convince people to get back in to the world of reading. It’s a proven fact, that when people leave school as an adult, they often puPrairie Literacy (2)t reading behind. When was the last time you picked up a good book and read it? When was the last time you read to your children? My goal is to change that.

How am I planning on doing that? While by showing you the wonderful world of READING! I’ll be reviewing books that I have read (and I have a 60 book goal for 2017!). I’ll be sharing books that I’m reading with my daughters (Currently Pippi Longstocking). I’ll be sharing different information that while help you encourage yourself, or your family to read!

Now you may be thinking, how do I read? We live in such busy lives, that its often hard to pick up a book? I agree, it can be! I’m a mom, I worked nights (11pm-7am). The kids have sporting events, and school, and lets not forget, I’m also a student. Reading can be challenging, but there is always time to slide it in. Some examples are, when your on the 00522dbfcf88bedfdc15ad458fe1cadetoilet, stop reading shampoo bottles. A few minutes each night before bed, which has been proven to help you fall asleep quicker (just don’t read any thrillers before bed). In the car, while your waiting for your little ones to arrive. Trust me, you have time!

So lets make it a goal! Start small, how many books would you like to read this year? An lets work on it together!