Magical Realm Genre

The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin – by Stephanie Knipper

I’m not going to lie – I read this book primary because the cover was VERY attractive to me.

This is a book that will NOT let you put it down, I seriously finished it in one evening, all 336 pages. I may have given up on my sleep to finish this book, its okay.

A flower farm in Kentucky, two estranged sisters and a young disabled girl thought to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Antoninettes mother is not doing so well, and her aunt needs to come and visit, and be a possible guardian for Antoninette. But things aren’t always as simple as they seem, Antoninette has a gift, and this gift makes her life challenging. The challenges that will come and go. The only thing I will give away is that you should keep a box of Kleenex near for the ending.

This is a story from the ‘magical realism genre’, so because of that I don’t have much that I can compare it to, most often, its a book genre that I would avoid reading. But as I mentioned above, I am glad that the cover attracted me to this story! The writer is such an amazing writer that she was force you to travel to a new land you’ve never been to before. Your emotions will run well reading this story, one moment you’ll be mad, and the next you may have tears down your cheeks. Be warned, if you read dedications pages, you’ll need Kleenex!

I wont deny it the ending is very predictable from the start the start of the book, however, there are things that you just can’t stop from happening. But don’t let that predictability keep you from picking up this story.

I really don’t want to give to much away – but I promise this book will keep you under its spell.  If you’ve read it – Please share your experience with it! If you haven’t you can read a preview of the book below, or pick it up below. 

No monetary gain or other incentives are reward to the blog author form a viewer previewing/purchasing the book/kindle. 


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