Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster‑‑And Loving Your Home Everyday – by Melissa Maker

Cleaning it’s everyone most hated thing  to do… Okay, maybe there are some people who really do love to clean, but I don’t.

I feel in love with Melissa Maker, over on her YouTube channel, Clean My Space. She started her own business from the ground up, and get this? She hated cleaning too! Not only is she a role model to young women, but she is helping people across Canada organise their lives, and even giving women ideas about organising their own cleaning businesses. Win – Win! Proud of this young lady!

The Clean My Space book, is funny and helpful! Did you ever feel like you just can’t keep your house clean? Add this in to the magic of getting rid of clutter, with KonMarie, and I promises you will have a spotless house in NO TIME.

Melissa talks about how people are likely using the wrong tools to clean their home, and how using the wrong tools, can actually make your house dirty, despite you spending the last five hours cleaning for your upcoming house guest on a Friday night after work.

In the few days I’ve reading this book from start to beginning I’ve learned a lot. This little book is packed with information, and she provides so many useful tools on her you tube channel, and also her personal website (FREE). I have to recommend picking it up, if your like me and are struggling to clean up the cycle of two children, under 5.

My house is getting cleaner one Clean my Space video at a time!  Thanks Melissa, for showing me the love for cleaning again!

Grab her book – and LOVE IT! Also don’t forget to swing by Mr. Bill Boyds office tomorrow between 12-12:30 noon  to support our local library!


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