Why the blog: 5 Reasons to Read

Recently, I had someone ask, why blog? Blogging is a great stress relief, its also an amazing way to share your life, perspective, and more. So why not blog?

I started this blog with the initial intentions of just sharing book reviews, as I like to read. On average I read between 60-100 books a year, not including textbooks from college. I’m a nursing student! I’d always have people ask me what were some of the up coming books. If there was any  books that I love, and all kinds of questions. An while, I don’t mind sharing!

My goal with this blog? Is to get people to LOVE reading as much as I do. I believe we’ve gotten so busy in our lives, between jobs, children, spouses, sports and so much more. That we often don’t take time for ourselves. At the end of the day, we need that time. It’s important for your mental health, it keeps your brain engaged and eager to learn. An my favourite, it’s a great way to slip in to a world of the unknown, reading has expanded my bucket list and enhanced my learning abilities. I still may not be the best speller, or great at grammar, but reading is my addiction.

Here are five reasons why, I want you to read more:

1) Develop verbal abilities – expand your vocabulary!

2) Increase focus and concentration – Being engaged in a book means closing everything around your off, and focusing on that one task at hand, in return increasing your attention span.

3) Improve the world – People who read, are often more engaged with their communities, they tend to volunteer more, and often come up with ideas on how to fix problems.

4) Stress Reduction – its true, each and everyone one of us have some form of stress, financial, college, family, spouses, or maybe your job is high stress. We all have it, and we need to have that one thing that will help, reading may be that for you.

5) Free entertainment – I know what your thinking, reading a lot of books can be costly. But did you know, Amazon, has free books? Many library are part of programs like Hoopla, which allow you some many books each month. Library’s are also FULL of good books.

SO in a nut shell, I created this blog, because I hope I can encourage someone to pick up a book and read. Even if its as simple as reading a story to your children at bed time. Tonight I read “Goodnight Moon” to my 3 year old for the billionth time. My five year old and I are almost through our first chapter book, Pippi Longstockings, my childhood favourite!

I want you to respond in this comment – If you don’t want you to reply. I want you to send me an email (jessclarke@live.ca), with your TOP five books, and also tell me which book your going to read next.

Signing Off For the Night


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