Who am I? I never really know just what to write in this spot. Lets face it, how many people REALLY read it anyways? If you actually do read this, comment below I would love to know!

Lets just start with a little background history, back when I was a little itty bitty girl, I used to LOVE school. It was the place to be, but soon after I became an adolescence, it changed, rapidly. I was bullied a lot growing up, it caused a lot of heart aches, and most of all it made me feel as though I wasn’t a valuable person in society. This continued through out high school, while my first two years of high school were amazing, my last year in half was a nightmare and the bullying returned after my family moved to a small community in nothren Saskatchewan. Did you catch that? My last year in half of high school? If you know how most high school system work, most kids are in high school for four years. Not me, I did about 3.5, and dropped out.

Despite dropping out, I went and got my GED (A grade 12 equivalent right away). Keep working in my sisters restaurant, and than slowly moved my way to a larger community 45 minutes away (lets just say, I may have had a boyfriend too!). The years passed, and the next thing I knew I was married, had a kid, and built a house! Despite all that, I always felt like something was missing, I wasn’t sure what. But after having my first child, I figured it out. I wanted to get back to school, and that’s what I did. I upgraded and got my full grade 12, no equivalency, i got it, and I did exceptionally well. After that I’ve been working my arse off to get in to nursing school (still working my ass off), and another child later.

But all of that aside? The going back to school has shown me that I miss reading. I missed sitting down to a good book and getting engulfed in a new world. I miss the imagination that comes to play when you read a good book. I missed visualising the story in my brain. An low and behold? I got that back. It’s never to late to pick up a good book, and get back to reading.

If your reading this, I hope you love to read as much as I do, if so, comment below your favourite book. Mine is To Kill a Mockingbird, if you don’t know it, I suggest you pick up the book! So, that’s me in a nutshell! I also love photography, and a bunch of other random stuff! Introduce yourself below!

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